Error Code 161 - Pervasive User Count License Exceeded

Error Code 161 - Pervasive User Count License Exceeded

Error Code 161: Pervasive License Exceeded.

This error code means you have reached your user limit on the license and an extra user is trying to log in (Example, you have a 5 user limit, 5 users are currently logged in - meaning the 6th user to try to log in will get this error).

To resolve this you can try the following methods.

  • If all user licenses are in use, ask another user to log out if not in use or you may need to consider upgrading your user license count.
  • If you are sure all user licenses aren't in use then you can try re-registering each machine again but whilst logged in to the computer as an Administrator (You may need assistance from your IT/Network Administrators to do this), here is a guide for registering the software [Click Here].
  • Check that one of the users accounts is not currently stuck in Pervasive (if they were logged in and Pastel crashes, it can leave the user account still logged in), here is a guide if this is the case [Click Here].

If you are still getting the error above trying the above steps, please contact the support team to look further into this.

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