How to locate your database

How to locate your database

Guidance on how to locate your database on a new install or if they have gone missing.

(Guide for Pastel Sage Evolution Version 7, but other versions will loosely follow the same method).

  • Open Sage Evolution to bring up the login screen.
  • Click on the 'Options' button to show more details.

  • Click on 'Locate'.

  • Select the SQL Server first of all and then specify the log in details for either Windows Not Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. If you are unsure of these log in details, please contact us or your Network Administrators.

  • Select the database from the drop down menu at the bottom and click on 'Next'.

  • The common database is usually on the same server, so you can leave the option ticked for 'Use common database on the same server'. If your common database is in a different location, then untick this and specify the location the same way as before. When you have selected the correct option, click on 'Finish'.

  • You can now select the database from the log in list, just put in your Agent name and Password to log in. Tick 'Save Password' if you want it to remember the password and tick 'Default Profile' if you want it to always login in automatically to this database with the Agent Name and password provided.

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