Starting a new company using existing accounts

Starting a new company using existing accounts

Pastel Partner - Creating a new company, but using your existing accounts and set up

(Guide for Pastel Partner 14, but older versions will loosely follow the same method)

If you are going to be managing another companies accounts and you want to start a new company but use all your existing accounts, this is a very simple matter.

You can choose to use all General Ledger accounts, Customers, Suppliers, Inventory Items and Sales Codes.

To Begin with, you need to create a copy company as follows:

  • Open your existing Pastel Partner company data.
  • Go to 'File > New'.

  • Now select the second option for 'Copy Another Company' and put in the new folder name (restricted to 8 characters). Then click on 'Create' to create the copy company.

  • Pastel will ask you if you want to copy your 'Image' or 'Documents' directory if one exists in your data, just select 'Yes'.
  • Then enter your password when prompted.

The new company has been created but at the moment, is identical to the existing one aside from the folder name.

  • First thing to do in the new company is change the name, address and other details.
  • Go to 'Setup > Company Parameters' and provide the password when prompted.

  • Now fill in all the new details here and click 'OK' to save it.

With the new parameters entered, you now need to clear down all balances for the accounts, so it is a blank company aside from the accounts.

  • Go to 'Change > Delete History/Clear Balances' and input your password when prompted.

  • Select the second option for 'Clear Balances / Remove Files' and click 'Next'.

  • Tick all relevant boxes for which accounts you want to remove balances / quantities for - then click 'Next'.

  • This screen is where you can choose to delete accounts, if you want to delete a full series of accounts then tick the relevant ones here, if none then just click 'Next' and leave all un-ticked.

  • You will now get a screen to confirm exactly what will happen with your selected options, if you are happy with this, click 'Process' to start the process.

  • If there are open batches, it will confirm first that these will be deleted, click 'Yes' to proceed.
  • You will then get the confirmation message and the process will be complete.

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